Saturday, April 30, 2011

Desertsky Susan - Rule 5

Or at least, I think it's 5.  I have taken a part-time job, and I'm losing track of everything as I try to catch my balance.  Here's the block on it's own:

Here's the circle and the freehand stitching, both abominable:

Here's all five steps, as far as I've completed each one. There is still work to do on the CQ block and the block on the bottom with the flowers.

I may turn rule 5 so the dark is to the outside, depends on what comes next on that side.


Marie said...

Very nice Susan. Your colors and design are beautiful, as is your workmanship.

Moira said...

love how the three blocks turned out!

Betty C said...

It is looking good. I like your fabrics and your color scheme too. I hope your job goes well and you will still take the time to work on this project. Good luck.

dq said...

Your work is not abominable to me. Your circle is better than mine. Your Civil War theme is so unique in comparison to most of ours and I love it.

I noticed you finished the crazy quilt stitching on block #2. It is beautiful.

Pam in Texas said...

I like the way it is looking. I like the colors and your choices so far. I hope you can keep up with it. You are doing good.

Ann T. said...

I love your block. The colors are so beautiful. I have taken your lead and am doing the Civil War blocks from Barbara Brackman's site. I am loving it.