Monday, April 4, 2011

Rule Release #6

SIZE:  10 1/2" tall by 31 1/2" wide to be added to the TOP or BOTTOM of the quilt (block finishes at 10 x 31).

RULE:  "Place a house or cabin that fits your theme in the block, not a log cabin block but an actual building"

TECHNIQUE:  Free style machine curved piecing
This technique is not as hard as it looks so give it a try.  A free-style curve means that you just take the rotary cutter and cut a gentle curve WITHOUT a pattern (just free-hand it).  Here is a tutorial link:
Sara Fielke

How to pin and sew a curve:

Kaffe Fassett shows you how to pin and sew a curve (not free-style though).

Here are a couple of example pictures of some projects I have made with free handed curved piecing.

This one is put together log-cabin style, but the logs are two pieces of fabric that were free-style curve pieced first.  This quilt was one of my favorites to make because it was just so fun.

The borders on these little "minis" were free-style curve pieced.  Notice that the purple one and the pink one are not identical.  It is because they are done free-style.

Below is a link where another free-style curved technique may have been used to piece a sunset behind a mountain range.  It has a tree in the foreground.

  -Post a teaser anytime and as many times as you like before Apr 15th.
  -We would love for ALL to post something before then because it keeps us excited and gets us all started on the block.
  -A completed photo can be released beginning on (Friday) April 15th.
  -Final due date and rule #7 release date (Mon) May 2.


Marie said...

This looks fun. I think I can handle this, although I've never done free-style curves before. Thanks for giving us plenty of time since I'm still working on #5.

dorine said...

This does sound like fun. Thanks for all your hard work in keeping us going and excited! Can't wait to figure this one out.

Ann T. said...

I was hoping it would be on the side this time, but I can make it work. It just means repositioning my visual picture. This will be fun.

Stefiko said...

This will be so interesting to learn! I am really really excited! Can't wait to get working!

annmarie said...

Need ideas! Granny Annie's Garden right now has a bird in a tree & a sun on the top row and the underground worms in the bottom row. Can't see how I can add any kind of house to that!??????

dq said...

Granny Annie, I'll have to brainstorm with you and share when something comes to mind. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your quilt, so you must like it whatever you do.

Ann T. said...

annmarie, would a birdhouse work?

annmarie said...

I already have a birdhouse but let me think on that...... Thanks.

dq said...

Birdhouse was my first thoughts as well. I also wondered if you could build a barn/shed or house in the far distance -- a small one. I can invision it at the top on the opposite side of your sun, almost as if the sun is low on one side of the valley but a small structure in the distance is illuminated by it. Also, we've seen your sun but not next to the rest of your quilt, so our vision is sketchy.

Good luck! I'm certain you will make it wonderful!

dq said...

Another thought, could you show just the side of or part of a tool shed with a rake or hoe outside?

annmarie said...

Thanks for the ideas everyone. I'm still stitching away on Rule 5 so have time to think about 6.