Monday, January 2, 2012

9 and 10 done - The Quilted Barn

I am finding some time to catch up -- yippee!  I am only three behind now.

The first row was added to the bottom of the quilt.  Different sized blocks that fit together are in the barn section while the orange flowers are 3D.

The very bottom row has the folded insert technique.  I did it very simple by folding the green strip of fabric on the bottom right and catching the edges in the seam.  I appliqued the fold down.  The disappearing 9 patch is in the front of the lower red barn.  I sewed the disappearing pieces together at random with no specific rhyme or reason.

Now I am off to making a bridge and horse/buggy to begin my column.

Oh, I finally got all of my itty bitty flowers attached to the fence between the two big trees.  They are a bit busy, but I like it.

I also added three small trees below the "falling apart" old barn on the left.
Below is a close up of the two newest rows.

Below are closeups of the flowers.  The whole flower section was made by putting fusible webbing on the back side of the fabric, fusing it to itself, and then cutting out the flowers.  The front and back of the flowers are the same fabric.  Most were attached with a French knot, but some I used invisible thread.


Ann T. said...

I am glad you are getting a chance to get back to your quilt. It is beautiful. Your work is so intricate and fun to see develop. I am glad that I have been able to see a part of it in real life.
Good luck on catching up. It will be fun to get them completed and see what they all look like.

Betty C said...

The whole thing is just wonderful. I love your little flowers. You must have tacked the stems with invisible thread? I like your method of fusing then applying with french knots. I am going to have to try that.

annmarie said...

Stunning!!! Your quilt is going to be stupendous!

Tracy said...

I thought you had posted an art picture! This is a great piece of work.

dorine said...

So glad to see you getting caught up. This is amazing! What beautiful work!

Susan said...

I love your barns! It's such a cute neighborhood you've built. Like the fence close-up, too.