Saturday, January 14, 2012

Rule Release #15 - THE LAST ONE!

Rule Release #15

Hello again everyone! 

Wow!  We are actually releasing the last rule right behind our year mark.  I really did not expect to have a queen sized top this far done one year out.  This is wonderful!

Rule: "No Pink." 

The lady who submitted this rule always uses pink and wanted  to be forced against it.  Now, doesn't that sound like a simple rule to finish off with?  It is simple for me because I don't really like pink.

Technique:  Choose any technique you favor.   Perhaps there is one you tried this year that you wish to repeat.

Size:  We are going to complete the row we began in December.  This row completion, once sewn to the TOP or BOTTOM of your quilt, will complete the quilt top -- yay!  (minus borders).  Block #15 will need to be 30 1/2" wide ( 30" finished) by 22 1/2" tall (22 finished). 

Once this row is completed in February, the quilt should measure 60 x 80 which will fit the top of a queen-sized bed.  You will have to make borders to get the quilt long enough to go over the sides of the bed.

Due Date: I think the "quilt top" without borders should be due Feb 29, 2012 -- LEAP DAY.  I mean, we only have a due date such as this every four years, right.   It will also allow us catcher-uppers to catch up.

Thank you and enjoy.

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Ann T. said...

Nice way to finish off the quilt! That will make it easy for me to choose how to finish off my top. Anything I want, except "pink" which is not an autumn color anyway. Love You.