Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Scarecrow rule 12

For the "buggy barn" technique I made the trees.  Those were fun.  So fun in fact that I decided to make a scarecrow Santa.  That may have been easier if I were making a BIGGER one.  But once I had a good start on this I continued even though the pieces were tiny to work with.   His face is pink and hard to see with the white bg.  I am going to put more details on the face and a pompom or button on the tip of his cap.
For the "words" part of the clue, as you can see,  I used fabrics with words.  The crow fabric has a sign that says, "When this you see, remember me" .  I have been putting words here and there throughout the quilt already.   So I thought fabrics with words would be fine here.  
I really do love this project and I am sorry to have fallen behind.  I hope to get up to date here pretty soon.


dorine said...

Very cute! Love your buggy barn blocks!

Ann T. said...

Very cute. I think you have done a fine job. Not everyone is caught up, so don't feel bad. Just keep plugging along. Your quilt will be very fun when completed.

dq said...

O adore your scarecrow bubby barn Santa. It is so perfect for the season, the technique, and your quilt.

Your quilt just wouldn't be complete without a Santa scarecrow!!