Saturday, January 28, 2012

Final Bird Block!!

Well, here is my last block, exciting but sad too.  I will miss these monthly blocks.  Hope we are soon working on another project!
This is the final block.  I see the chickadees are hard to see in the photo, but they show up better on the real block.  Everything is needle-turn appliqued and machine embroidered.
I couldn't get a good, full shot of the last two blocks joined.  They were just too wide to get the whole thing without making the photo too small to see the detail, so I have a shot from the middle.  The full quilt is below.

Sorry, a chair is in front of the bottom left corner, but it is just a continuation of the bottom center, so you aren't missing anything.  I have the fabric and a plan for the border and hope to get that done before long.  Will post it then.  It has been such fun working on this and getting acquainted with all of you guest quilters.  What a wonderful experience!


Ann T. said...

I LOVE your chickadees. What a creation you have there. Every block is so fun and unique. It is fun to see how everyone has interpreted the rules and adapted them to their themes. It has really been fun to follow, as well as to create.
Love you!

Pam in Texas said...

I like how you finished the last two clues. Your quilt turned out very nice. No one would ever guess that we all had the same rules! This has really been an exciting quilting adventure. I have enjoyed seeing everyone's creations and interpretations.

Betty C said...

The chickadees are adorable. Your quilt has turned out so nice. I really like how you put all those smaller birds across the top. Looks really nice. ( I like your design wall!)

dq said...

Dorine, it is so beautiful. Good job! I envy that you are all caught up. I was doing well until I was informed that my daughter wants me to make a prom dress. It will take top priority this month.

dq said...

P.S. Your quilt would not have been complete without a bird bath. I also like the bird that is flying in for a drink or a swim (or social hour).

The chickadees on the bottom have so much detail -- love them! I CANNOT WAIT to see this quilt in person someday when you return home. I will have to jump in my husband's suitcase when he works in bl***** and come for a visit.

Moira said...

Looks great!