Thursday, August 6, 2015

Liberty Row

Decided not to go with the birds or sunbonnet Sue, even though they are very cute.  I am planning on giving this quilt to a man.  

 I can’t decide which of the three Liberty rows I like the best.  The first row with the flag takes up the empty space to the right of the word Liberty but I think there are too many flags in that area.  I love that it is simple and not busy though.  

The second row has just stars, but seems too busy for me.  I took away a lot of stars but then it seemed too empty and needed something more. 

The last row I am still not happy with, it seems too busy also.  I plan on adding flying geese throughout the quilt. They do not necessarily need to be in this row though. 

I am also starting to think of the row beneath the Liberty row.  I think I may need some blank space.  For the row beneath the Liberty row, I was thinking of adding USA to the right hand side, and just having a checkerboard or maybe stripes across the rest of the row.  
 Any suggestions on improving these two rows?  I have not permanently attached anything, so everything can be moved around.

I am very excited to start a new quilt.  I would not let myself start a new quilt until I finished some older ones (12 older ones :( ). This is the first new quilt I started in 2 years! I couldn’t pass up the opportunity of a quilt a long and such a great one at that!  I am loving all the different interpretations of the flags and stars.  Thanks for the opportunity Deana!  

Take care.  



Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the first row! That's just perfect. I didn't think the Sunbonnet Sues were in our quilt. I thought that was the spring one. I got birdhouses for my Americana.

Ann T. said...

I too like the first one with the flag. Have fun deciding.

Vickie said...
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Vickie said...

I really like your new design!

Vivian said...

Thanks for the input. I also got birdhouses but I think the row under the bird houses is sunbonnet Sues. I didn't think that would be great for a mans quilt.