Monday, March 7, 2011

Carrie's Scrappy Anything Rule #4

Reveal Day!

Here is my block - it was alot of fun to put together.

It looks like two kissing fish, doesn't it? Actually, it was supposed to be XOOX for kiss-hug-hug-kiss, but because the two sides aren't square, cute fishes resulted!

In keeping with my theme, the backgrounds are pieced from scraps. I first had to make my "fabric" and then trim it to size. Then I got to work on the appliqued elements. I used the freezer paper on the bottom applique method. All of the triangles and squares are hand appliqued except the double triangle units and the top and bottom center. Those I did by machine.

Here is the block attached to my quilt top.

The lighting was totally off the day I took this photo so the top looks darker than it actually is.

Can't wait for Rule #5!


annmarie said...

Carrie - LOVE your kissing fish! But I can easily see the x's & O's too. Great job.

dq said...

Honestly, I wouldn't have seen fish without your description. I see the xoox and I LOVE IT!

dorine said...

Love the fish!! What a cute quilt this is turning into!

Ann T. said...

Carrie, I love it. Your positive/negative kissing fish is perfect. I, too, can't wait for rule 5.

Marie said...

Very clever, those X and O's, and how fun to see a design in the quilt that you hadn't planned. Your whole quilt is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Very creative! I can see the fish and the XOOX. I love your angular quilt.