Friday, March 18, 2011

HELP ideas

I know of two ladies who are struggling with the free motion embroidery thing.  If your thread is looping on the bottom, tighten your tension.  The reverse is also true.

One thing that has seemed to really help is stabilizer on the back of your project.  I use plain old paper and it works well.  I just rip it off when I'm done. 

One lady couldn't get the foot under the hoop so she took the foot off, slid the hooped project under the needle, then reattached the foot.  You can also do this without a foot at all.

Everyone is free to offer advice or what works for them.

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Pam in Texas said...

Thanks for the tips. I haven't done free-motion embroidery in years, but I remember that tension is really important. It also helps to have it in a hoop and make sure the surface is flat and smooth on the surface of the machine. I also think the instructions that comes with your particular machine is helpful. The older machines have instructions for darning and that is just about the same technique. I haven't gotten to that part yet on my rule yet. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to do.