Monday, March 7, 2011

Full view Rule 4

What a morning. My plan was to get up early and post this, but that changed quickly.
My daughter is in labor with grandchild #12, and granddaughter #6. So my priorities changed drastically. We hope to have a baby by late afternoon, early evening.
So, my block: Every country scene has to have a river, right? And every river has driftwood and rocks.
And being Autumn, must have have bushes with fall foliage. (Sorry about the orientation. In my memory file, it is turned the other way.) My Positive/negative got chopped up a bit by the river. It is all needle-turn applique, using a blanket stitch, and hand embroidery.
And the four blocks together. This is coming together nicely. I have an idea what the whole quilt will look like, but until we have all the rules, it will be hard to completely know.
I plan to add something to block 2, but don't know exactly what, yet.


annmarie said...

An early congratulations & be sure to keep us posted. Your Rule 4 is perfect & goes really well with the previous blocks.

dorine said...

Oh, exciting! Hope Jenny is is doing okay! An exciting but trying day! What are they naming the baby? Love your river. What a clever way to do the positive negative and fit it into a landscape!

dq said...

Awesome positive/negative interpretation and great addition to your quilt!!

Tracy said...

Love it!

lynne said...

really nice job! this is a posititve/negative i can wrap my head around in use for my own quilt. i want to stick to the rule sooooo badly! your quilt so far is great!

Marie said...

What a fun idea for the positive/negative rule. Your quilt gets more fun with every block. It's fun to watch it grow.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy seeing what you add to your blocks each time. This is a great addition!