Thursday, March 10, 2011

Rule Release #5

SIZE:  27 1/2" tall by 14 1/2" wide to be added to the RIGHT or LEFT side of the quilt (block finishes at 27 x 14).

Note to Betty:  If you want to get your size on with ours you could make it 27 1/2" tall by 11 1/2" wide.

RULE:  machine pieced circle somewhere

TECHNIQUE:  threadpainting/free motion MACHINE embroidery

Note:  If you don't have a free motion foot, you can use NO foot at all.  One of the links above shows you how.

  -Post a teaser anytime between now and March 24.
  -We would love for ALL to post something before the 24th because it keeps us excited.
  -Full-releases begin on (Thur) March 24
  -Final due date and rule #6 release date (Mon) April 4


Marie said...

This one will be a challenge for sure. I've only tried free motion machine embroidery once and it didn't turn out very well, so I guess I'd better start practicing. After watching the tutorials, I think I can do it. Thanks for finding the tutorials for us.

The last time I tried to machine stitch a cirlce I ended up doing applique instead, so I guess I'd better start practicing that too. I'm really excited to have two challenges on this block--well, actually the third challenge will be coming up with the design of the block. Thanks for plenty of time. I'll need it. Now I must go get my thinking cap on and see if there is any creativity in my brain today. :o) Good luck everyone!

Pam in Texas said...

I am feeling pretty confident about this rule, but that may change. I will have plenty of time to change my mind. I can't believe we will have to wait until April for the next rule. Wow. This is like waiting for Christmas. I am really having fun with this. Thanks to the Daughter's of Dorinda for doing this.

Ann T. said...

I know what I want to do with this one, just hoping it works out. Thank goodness for the internet and links! I am in Las Vegas for a convention, so have only had a chance to draw it out on paper. Going home today, so hopefully get started on what I have invisioned this week.

Stefiko said...

This will be a fun one for sure! I'm glad we have extra time, cause it is orchestra season, so I have lots of festivals to prepare for and compete in!

JootJoot said...

Wow! I am so flattered you used my tutorial. Thank you very much -- I really appreciate it!!