Thursday, September 1, 2011

Autumn Country Rule 10 Reveal

Reveal Day!
This has been a really fun rule. The D9P's are a fun and easy way to take up space. I used many of my scraps, sew it is really scrappy. I put 2 sets on each side of my "windows"
The quilt is getting so big that it is hard to get a good close-up view, but you can see that it does not follow what I have been doing with a scene. I think this will be the bottom of the quilt, so it does not need to be scenery.
It is definitely bright and "autumny".


dq said...

This really was a great addition to your roject. I love the little windows created by the folded inserts. It is such a fun technique to play with.

dorine said...

I love it! This was a great block to use as a border. I think I may leave mine as the bottom as well.

Pam in Texas said...

They turned out nice. I think the colors you used in this rule makes the autumn trees "pop" in the rest of your quilt.

Betty C said...

Yes, the d9P balances out the quilt. Your autumn colors are looking great.

Marie said...

This block really is a nice addition to your quilt. The colors are so great. I like your interpretation of the rule.

annmarie said...

I think you're right - those blocks are a perfect bottom to your quilt. It is really lovely - and timely too. Just in time for Fall.