Thursday, September 22, 2011

Scarecrow rule 10

I have put rule 10 together.  I made the D9P small.  I started with 2" squares so that 4 blocks would fit into the 9.5" area.  Of course that was a little bit too small so I just added borders around it.  I am getting so I can make things fit!  lol.  The d9p blocks are to the right and next to it is my folded insert.  That is the block made entirely with folded fabrics and sewn around the edges of the block to hold it all together.  Yes,  the edges are kinda thick.   I had a piece of the curved pieced strip left over from a previous rule so I machine embroidered a scarecrow on it and made good use of it.  The other two blocks have machine embroider/applique scarecrows and the fence is also embroidered.  Near the middle is  fussy cut (2 pieces) of fabric sewn together.   Next thing I need to do is sew it to the quilt and get busy on #11.


Marie said...

Nice blocks! I am really interested in your folded fabrics block. It looks so fun to do. It's fun to see how your d9p turned out. The whole set just looks great, and wow, you are nearly caught up. I hope to get there soon, but I am really stuck on a couple of the past rules because they don't go very well with my theme.

Pam in Texas said...

Betyy, I really like this row. Your scarecrows are darling and you got all the techniques and rule in. Can't wait to see it with the rest of the rules.

Ann T. said...

Love your block. I really like your D9P block. I just love all of your scarecrows.