Friday, September 9, 2011

Need your input AND Rule Authors Revealed

I thought I would take an inventory today of the rules submitted and who conjured them up.  I did have a purpose in delaying the reveal of the rule authors.   Some rules were a challenge and I thought it better to reveal who submitted them after they were finished and the cussing was over (ha ha). 

Jan-RR1:  Tamera (Shangri La) submitted,  "Use a paper-pieced method to make at least 4 flying geese"
(I used Tamera's rule that month and the paper-pieced technique was used in release #8)
NOTE:  two other participants --Cathie and Mary-- also submitted rules regarding flying geese but neither of them were ever able to submit a bock.

Feb-RR2:  Betty (Scarecrows) submitted, " A rectangle big enough to showcase the theme of the quilt by fussy cutting a theme fabric, or using an applique, or an embroidery, or a photo"
NOTE:  we did use applique in technique #4 and embroidery in technique #3.

Feb-RR3:  Susan (Civil War) submitted, "Use a color or fabric you would never normally use."
NOTE:  Dorine's (Birds) submission was used here because I classified it as a technique rather than a rule.  Dorine said, "applique combined with embroidery."  I used the other half of Dorine's technique submission in release #4.

Feb-RR4:  Deana (Barns) submitted, " make positive/negative blocks".
NOTE:  Stephanie (Forest) submitted the technique on this one, "You must applique something on the block".
AND SO DID:  Sherrie (Tropical Beach), "use some applique, either hand or machine".
ALSO:  Marie (Optical Illusions) contributed greatly by defning our applique technique this month with, "needle-turn applique". 

Mar-RR5:  Marie (Optical Illusions) submitted, "machine pieced circle somewhere."

April-RR6:  Ann (Autumn Country) submitted, "place a house or cabin that fits your theme in the block, not a log cabin block but an actual building."

May-RR7:  Tracy (Country Holiday) submitted, "make something flat that looks 3D (example:  tumbling block)"

June-RR8:  Felicity (Africa) submitted, "include the color yellow or add a flower of any sort"
NOTE:  Moira (Use it Up/Baby Girl quilt) submitted the technique this month, "add a paper pieced section to the quilt."

Felicity's #8 rule submission is not yet shown as she is behind.  She is awaiting the birth of a new baby and has had a difficult pregnancy.

July-RR9:  Carrie (Scrappy Anything) submitted, "Use different sized blocKs that fit together.  For instance, use a 4" finished block and 2" finished blocks as their measurements fit together easily."

Carrie's picture does not depict her "rule" because she is also catching up.

Aug-RR10:  Pam(Woods) submitted, "Make 4 disappearing 9 patches."

Sept-RR11:  Annmarie (Grannie Annie's Garden) submitted, "incorporate one or more yo-yo into your block".

Grannie Annie's Garden doesn't have her yo-yo yet because she is catching up as well.

Ok, so here is the big question for all of you!  I believe that all "active" participants have had their submission used.  I still have plenty of rules left to use because several of you submitted more than one, and 6 inactive participants submitted rules that have not been used as of yet.
The 6 on my inactive list include:
Ann Marie's Star in a Sar (2 blocks)
Birdie's Starry Night (3 bocks)

Carmen's Faborite Things (3 blocks)

Donna's 30s (1 block)

Kay's Green is the Thing (1 block)

Lynne's Scrappy Stash Forest (3 blocks, actually 4 because she didn't like her 1st #3) I had to show several photos because she worked SO HARD on what is completed.  Can you believe her "hexagon" trees? 

Your choices are:
1) I can just draw from the remaining submitted EXTRA rules of active participants only.
2) I can draw from all the remaining rules including the 6 inactive participants.
3) ALL active only participants can submit new rules to use in the remaining drawings knowing that only 3-5 will be selected.
4) We can allow Dorine, Moira, and Stephanie, (and Lyn's "winter"  because she never submitted a rule),
and Sherrie if she makes another appearance (she started late)  to submit new rules BECAUSE they are all still active participants and they submitted "techniques" according to my classifiation rather than "rules".  They didn't really get the exposure they deserved.  They were also duplicates of each other:  applique, paper-pieced, and embroidery.  This choice means I will ONLY draw from these 4 ladies' new submissions.

Please email me, Deana, at with your choice selection.  Please just indicate a # 1-4.  Majority will prevail.  I will accept your votes up until October 1st. 

HOW MUCH LONGER?  I anticipate that we still have 3-5 more rules.  I plan to complete the column we just started and break up the last row into 2-3 releases.  Many of us are trying to catch up, so I don't really want to do LARGE sections at a time.  Smaller is easier and looks more appealing.  I plan to get the quilt to queen-sized/top of the bed ready.  You can then add borders to make the quilt drape down over the sides.  I have decided to NOT use rules and techniques to complete the quilt borders.  I would like to, however, complete the borders together with 2 week goals or something to encourage us all to complete this project.  My borders will take some time because I will be piecing or appliqueing them -- all four sides different from each other.  I know that some others in the group intend to do fancy borders that will take some extra time as well. 

SOOOO, will we finish this year?  I think not, but early next year. 

One member has inquired as to whether we will do it again next year.  Please email, comment, or post your comments regarding this idea.  If we are going to do it again, I want to start early (Feb) and advertise early (Dec/Jan) because women get more excited about a new project with a new year.



Betty C said...

Deana. Thank you so much for all the time and work you have put into this. Like this "inventory", for example. That was a lot of work and it is really interesting to read it.
YES. I would like to do this again next year. I have been thinking of ideas for a theme. I have really enjoyed this one , even if some of the rules made me get out of my comfort zone!! Thank you so much. (anyway.. . lol)

Ann T. said...

Wow, lots of work to put this together! Thanks for the update.
I would vote to use any of the rules that are left, whether the person is active or not. (Who knows, they may still try to catch up).
This has been really fun and has definitely made me stretch out of my comfort zone. I would like to try it again next year. So my vote is yes.
Love you.

Moira said...

I've had a lot of fun doing this, even if I'm behind at the moment thanks to grad school. I definately would love to do it again next year!

Anonymous said...

I'm still behind, but I'm still planning on catching up. I just need a little time, and now that I'm finally in my new house (new to me, anyway) and maybe have the leaky roof fixed, I hope to find that time soon. Anyway, yes, I'd like to do it again.