Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Finally, Steph's rule number 9!

I guess I should give you a quick personal update first...

This summer was loads of crazy crazy moving around and fun and LOADS of frustration, and obviously, I was WAY too busy to do my quilting, plus, I did not have electricity anyway.  Then, I moved in to my new dorm.  Wow, college is crazy!  And... I didn't bring up my sewing machine at first, and then I worked all Labor day to get stuff done, and only finished one block.

Also, I am using some of my mom's scraps... meaning, it would be a challenge to fit bins of scraps in my little apartment... so I don't get to do anymore until fall break.  But it's okay, because I wanted a lap-size quilt, and when I get to do #10, it will make it the size I want it.  So I will be done then anyway, unless I REALLY want to try the #11 rule... hehe, that might be a temptation.  Anyhow, here is my block!

It is my, VERY artistic rendition of my most favorite view in the world.  (From the camp I work at over the summers)
So, here is a close up on the water...
I made the reflection as part of the block, and then I applique'd on some blue organza, and tacked it down with the ripples.  I am rather pleased with the effect.

And those bow-tie blocks?  Those are 3-D.  I am not a huge fan of things sticking out of my quilt, so I did some research and found this pattern, and it is SO much easier than a regular bow-tie block!

Well, there you are!  I am getting closer to being caught up!


Marie said...

Good job! I love the cheerfulness of your quilt. It just reminds me of you--cheerful and fun. Congrats on getting #9 finished. I hope I can get mine done soon and get caught up. What a busy summer for both of us!

dq said...

That is a breathtaking photo. Your rendition of it is great! I like that you put it into your project. I also like your bowties.

dorine said...

Very clever! I chuckled when I saw your bare feet in the picture. I have a tendency to catch mine in the photos, but usually in socks.

Ann T. said...

Steph, I LOVE your mountains and lake. (Both the photo and your block) Very clever. And your bowties are really nice. The 3-D really is a great interpretation of the rule.
Good luck at school. Glad you are at the point where you can concentrate on your education and let the quilt sit for awhile. Priorities are very important.