Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cheryl's Quilt Shop blocks finished

I made 2 quilt shop blocks, one to trade, one to keep.  Both blocks were made on my 1959 Singer Spartan hand crank.
1959 Singer Spartan hand crank
I've made all my other blocks on this same machine, but, I had been using the motor on the machine instead of the hand crank.  It's much more fun to sew with the hand crank instead of the motor.

block I'm trading

block I'm keeping
Notice the vintage sewing machines in the window quilt blocks.  If I ever have a quilt shop, it will have LOTS of my vintage sewing machines in the shop, too.


dq said...

I love the sewing machine in the quilt block. It sounds a little challenging to me to use a hand crank. I will have to notice how much I use my right hand when I sew. Good for you. I gotta wonder about left handed ladies using those machines.

Pamela Arbour said...

That is a really nice block. Like your sewing machine.

Ann T. said...

VERY impressive. I don't think I could use a hand crank. I grew up with a treadle Singer, but I am left handed and I think it would be a real challenge to turn that wheel.
I do love your blocks, though. And your vintage machines in your quilt are so cute!