Monday, January 5, 2015

January Pattern - Quilt Shop Lane

Hello everyone!  

We are swapping Quilt Shops from Quilt Shop Lane in  January.   You can swap UP TO 5 blocks but are only required to swap 1.

The January pattern will be emailed this afternoon.  I need to add some updated photos to it before I can send it out.  I have altered every one of these babies after making it myself - design changes to make them look better, mostly. Anyway, please be patient for a few more hours after I get home from work.  

I think you will find that these quilt shops cater to your creative side. I anticipate we will end up with quite a variety of ideas for a fun swap as we did on the sewing machines. 

Here are the rules for Quilt Shop Lane:

1.  Please use white on white or solid white background.  This will help the shops to look like they are all on the same street.

2.  All shops must have a quilt.  Shop #1's quilt is inside the window while the others are 3D and hang outside.  You can use the quilt patterns I have given or come up with your own.  It is totally acceptable to find fabric that looks like a quilt block rather than to piece one.  

3.  These blocks have more intricate piecing than the other rows.  Accuracy is critical.  If you struggle too much, it is ok to blanket stitch applique' the windows.  Email me for piece sizes if you need them.  NOTE:  I do have one more shop close to finished and will release the pattern this week.  It has less piecing and more applique' and may be better suited to some of  your technique preferences.

4.  Please give your shop a name with a tag, selvedge edge, machine or hand embroidery - whatever you prefer.

5.  Embellish as desired:  rick rack, embroidery, lace curtains, etc.  Button door knobs are way cute.


Jo said...

I'm getting excited now

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

Deann this one sounds like fun!

Ann T. said...

Can't wait to see it. The previews look so fun!!!