Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Daryl's Quilt Shop Blocks

Here are the quilt shop blocks I made. The first block below is the block I am swapping.
This is the block I made to swap. The little quilt that hangs on the shop can be set on point like this or...
...set straight like this. Whoever receives this block can decide which way they prefer it and tack it place on the block.
I made this block and added rickrack with French knots on the gable end of the roof. 
I changed the windows to square on this block (and the first block above that I will swap), I also cut the gable end with a curvy inside instead of adding rickrack. I did add red French knots. I will add a shank button for the door knobs of these shops after I make the quilt so it doesn't get in the way of the quilting later. Again I placed the little quilt on point here.
The little quilt on the shop is not on point like in the above photo. I am not sure which way I will place the little quilt. Perhaps one will be on point and the other not.
Here is another shop style. I had a few small quilt block stencils, so I stenciled this using Shiva paintstiks. I  added some embroidery by hand to enhance the stencil. I added some ribbon to the roof and added yellow French knots in the center of the flowers on the ribbon. This block got a bit wonky when I sewed it. Maybe it will look better when it's in the quilt and quilted. I hope so!
Here is another style of quilt shop. Again I added rickrack to the roof. Instead of a little quilt in the window, I fussy cut a sewing machine from a sewing notions print fabric.


Anonymous said...

All of them simply adorable!

Ann T. said...

Oh my goodness Daryl, those are adorable!! I love the gabled roof. What a clever idea. I might have to rethink mine!

Cathy said...

Daryl they are so cute! I love them all!

dq said...

So darn cute, Daryl! I LOVE your creativity with the little quilts! You show proof here that the sky is the limit on how you can do them.

Pamela Arbour said...

Oh, Daryl. All of your blocks are fabulous. Very creative!