Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Housekeeping - Mailing Blocks

I found a great website for swap block etiquette, but I cannot find it today.  I guess that means you get the "what Deana remembers" version.

  • Always send a note with your block, even if it is simple.
  • Always use a return address to help lost packages find their way home.
  • Always enclose the block in a zip lock or water proof bag so the recipient will not receive a soggy block.
  • DO NOT send candy or treats.  They can melt and ruin the block.
  • Mail on time.
  • If you are sending internationally, please have a postal worker verify that postage is correct.  Every zip code has its own rules.
Reminder:  blocks need to be in the mail on or before Monday, October 6th.  

One last thing:

Please post to the blog or email me indicating the day you sent off your blocks.  ALSO, please post to the blog or email me when you receive blocks.  This really helps recipients know when to watch the mail box.

As noted in the original group rules,  you participate at your own risk.  I am sorry if for some reason a block never finds its way home.


trudie said...

are october's blocks to be mailed by october 6th?

dq said...

Hi Trudie! SEPTEMBER blocks (sewing machines) need to be mailed by October 6th. Yes, you can have until the last day of the month to make your blooming rotary cutter.

Lucy said...

I have been gone for a week and leaving early in the morning again. Home for one day! My blocks are packaged and addressed and will go out tomorrow. Mine from Vickie already arrived.