Wednesday, October 1, 2014

October Row - Rotaries in Bloom

I had SO MUCH FUN yesterday watching new posts and new emails come in throughout the day with cute little sewing machine pictures!  Thanks for making this project so much fun for me!

Please feel comfortable adding embellishments to your blocks when you receive them.   They are yours now, so add your own touch if you want. 

There is a link to this post as well as any future instructions or corrections on the right side bar.  Please check it often for any updates. 

October patterns were emailed out today, so check your junk folder if you did not get one.  If you swapped a sewing machine then you should have received a pattern.

Block Instructions - background fabric

**The maximum number of blocks you can swap in October is 5.**

All background fabrics need to be white on white.  There should be no other color in it - just white.  Please do not use an off-white.  Use the same background fabric in the square behind the flower as in the alternate flower petals.  The four outside corner triangles also need to be white.

DO NOT use a directional print for the white background such as stripes or anything similar.  The white petals will not blend in on a directional print.

REMINDER:  Use quilt shop quality fabric - yes the expensive stuff.  Please don't use Walmart or Joann's


The white wedges on the flower will not blend into the background if the edges have a blanket stitch or a satin stitch.  You have two choices:
1.  Hand applique the flower. (strongly recommended)
2.  Just tack the points down and let the recipient finish the block the way they desire.  This option is only available to those who feel they don't have pretty hand applique' stitches.

I would prefer that the rotary cutter be hand stitched down, but it is better to send a block nicely done with a blanket stitch (hand or machine) then poorly done with a hand stitch. Do not do the white corners (on the bottom of the rotary cutter) in any color but white if you are doing a blanket stitch.  You will have to change threads.

Rotary Cutter Instructions

The center of the rotary cutter is designed to be a washer (from the hardware store) secured in the middle with a button.  Please DO NOT finish your block with the washer and button.  Leave them off and leave them home because they add weight for mailing and there may be some people who don't want their block finished this way. 

Instead, each person will add their own washer and button when their block arrives in the mail in November.  


DO photograph your finished block with the washer and button (just lay it on).  This makes them look like rotary cutters as the pictures float around the internet.  

One last thing:

Page 13, step 11 of the pattern shows where to align the flower.  Please be sure to follow this so placement will look the same on all blocks. Thank you.  

I hope you like this cute but crazy block as much as I do.  Those little dresdons just grab me.

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Ann T. said...

They are so cute. Can't wait to get started! Got your email with the pattern just fine.