Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Rule Release #2 (Feb 1)

SIZE:  Make a 12” x 8” unit.  This means that it will measure 12 ½” x 8 ½” when you measure it now, and it will become 12” x 8” when it is finished.  When this unit is finished add it to the TOP OR THE BOTTOM of the #1 unit.

RULE: “A rectangle big enough to showcase the theme of the quilt by fussy cutting a theme fabric OR using an appliqué OR an embroidery OR a photo. "

TECHNIQUE:  Any hexagon shaped (6 sided) technique. 

This can be accomplished with hexagon shaped English style paper piecing which is generally hand pieced OR you could use something like the Super60 ruler to create a hexagon shaped block that is placed somewhere inside the 12” x 8” unit.  We’ll also allow a broad interpretation of this technique – use your imagination.

ALSO, you are not limited to JUST this technique.  You can use any others with it. 

You don’t have to limit yourself to the obvious.  The rectangle does not have to encompass the entire 12” x 8” unit.  It can fit inside it anyway you like – large or small.

Post a picture of #2, please post a photo of just the #2 unit ALONE. 


J O I N the units:   Join the #2 unit to the TOP or BOTTOM of the #1 unit and then post a final picture of them together. 

Here are some links that may inspire or help you with the hexagon technique:
 Grandmother's Overgrown Flower Garden
The house, fence posts, flowers, butterfly wings, and sun are all made with a hexagon shaped English-style paper pieced method. 
I found an on-line tutorial for english paper piecing if someone in the group wants to do this for their "hexagon" technique.  It will likely take small hexagons, though. in this link you have to hit next at the bottom to see all of the instructions.

Once the hexagon piecing is complete, you could applique it onto the block. Super60 ruler.

The above link shows a quilt with hexagon blocks in it that were designed with the Super60 ruler.

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