Monday, February 21, 2011

Needle-Turn techniques and tutorials

I have tried ALL of the methods listed below.  My favorite is the freezer paper on bottom method for some projects.  For a travel project (ballgames etc...) – no iron needed – I  prefer an entirely different method than any listed below.  It is a basting method and you can see it below if you zoom in on the photo. 

You draw the appliqué pattern on the WRONG side of the fabric background, place the appliqué fabric over that spot on the front side, and hand baste the fabrics together directly on the drawn line from the back.   Next, you flip your project over to the front and trim ¼” away from the stitched line.  You take out the basting stitches as you go and the fabric seems to remember the basted line and turns easily to it.  I like this method because there are no marks to be removed later and the project doesn’t move while you work on it.
Freezer paper on top method and how to do points: 

Roxanne Glue method:

Freezer paper on bottom method: 
NOTE:  when I use this method I fuse 3 layers of freezer paper together to make a STIFFER template to press over.  I use Magic Sizing in the blue arasol bottle for my starch and I spray it into the lid so I have a liquid to paint on.  I use Elmer’s washable glue stick (blue is good - pink is bad) to stick down the pieces temporarily, but you have to heat set them with the iron to get them to stay.

Draw line method:

I also wanted to add a word of advice about ANY quilting technique or method.  I have learned to TRY EVERYTHING before I put it on the bad list.  I have found many crazy ideas become my favorite choice simply by giving them a try instead of just watching someone else do it.  (Ofcourse I wouldn't try all of these techniques in one sitting or even on this one rule.)


annmarie said...

Good advice and thanks for all the links - should make this interesting rule even more interesting by trying new methods!

Ann T. said...

Thanks, too, for the links. I know what I won't be trying after my last attempt (BOM center on our Daughters of Dorinda site). Too much slipping with that method. (I pinned the background to the template and traced it with the purple disappearing ink.)