Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Birds Mystery-Block #3

Sorry to be such an overachiever, but I just can't help myself. This is too much fun!!!
When I got the new rule yesterday, I had an idea of what I could do. I went to the basement to see what unusual fabrics I could find. You see, my husband's first wife was also a craft nut. I inherited tubs of fabric including lots of scraps, yarn, crochet thread, embroidery floss, cross stitch patterns, beads, etc. In short. the basement is filled with treasure!!!! I saw this fabric and thought,"Well that is something I would certainly not ever use in a quilt!" I found something else that fit my idea and headed upstairs.

I was thinking and planning how to fit some birds into a 5 by 20, vertical rectangle when I looked up at the living room wall. This carved figure of a Guatemalan Quetzal bird was hanging there. It is a souvenir of Gary and Dena's three missions to Guatemala. I grabbed my measuring tape and took the dimensions--18 x 4.5" I pulled it off the wall and traced it onto tissue paper. Easiest pattern I ever made! I went to the internet to find out what colors the Quezal has on it, and, would you believe it, green and red. I remembered the funky fabric in the basement was green and red.

I put the tissue pattern over the design and discovered that, with a little careful placement, a lot of artistic license, and applique of one green diamond over a red one, I had a Quetzal!! It was so easy! I machine appliqued it to get a more feathery look, embroidered the beak by hand, and machine embroidered the tail feathers. And here he is!!

Here he is attached to the hummingbird and the goose.

I thought I would wait a while to post this so I wouldn't appear overanxious, but I am overanxious so why not be honest!


Marie said...

Wow, what a fun way to make a block. I love it. It's very creative. At the rate you are going you could have a whole quilt done by the time I get my 3rd block done. LOL.

Ann T. said...

You are so clever. Who would think that wild Native American fabric could make such a cute bird. Congrats on being an over achiever and sharing with the rest of us, to keep us being motivated and creative. And, true to your promise, it is not busy at all! LOL. Love you tons!!!

Ann T. said...

Paul came in when I was looking at the blog, so I showed him your block. He thinks you are pretty clever, too.

Betty C said...

Your excitement is very joyful. Your block is very creative and clever. Good job! It looks really nice. What are you going to do while you are wait, wait, waiting for the next clue??

lynne said...

really great use of the fabric to embody the use of something that we would not normally use! beautiful bird, extremely creative. i love hearing the process that we journey thru for making our blocks. thanks so much for sharing yours.

Anonymous said...

I love that you described the design process! That's a wonderful block.

dq said...

That is the coolest quilt block story EVER! I am also glad that Dena left you some fun things in the basement but mostly that she is willing to share a wonderful man with you!! I've only met him once but he truly is the BEST.

The bird is ingenius! I cannot believe how much an "ugly" fabric has added to your quilt. I was a little iffy on the 5" strip when I came up with the dimensions, but it was perfect for your project. You couldn't have placed the design in the fabric more strategically.

I also wanted to add that your unconventional methods of quilt design on all three blocks should be commended -- BRAVO!

Don't you worry one bit about being an over-achiever. I've got a LOT of irons in the fire and must keep this project in sink with them time wise. I've also had three funerals in four weeks, been planning girl's camp, and prepping the drillteam for region and state. My silo needs only 4 more rows -- hooray!

crickets said...

It is truly wonderful - from beginning to end! Reading your story, it was really meant to be - good job!

Pam in Texas said...

I am impressed. When I saw you had a birds mystery, I was curious to see what you were going to do with that narrow block. Great job. Way to go. You dd it. I am still in the valley of decision. I spend a lot of time there.