Monday, February 21, 2011

Rule Release #4 (Feb 21)

Rule Release #4:

SIZE: Make a section that is 17” wide by 7” tall finished (you will make it 17 ½ x 7 ½ now before it is added to the main quilt).  This piece needs to be made to fit on the TOP or BOTTOM of your quilt.

Note to Betty:  If you would like to get yours back on size with us you could make yours 20” wide by 10” tall finished ( I believe yours is 20 ½” wide by 17 ½” tall right now).  You can make the side adjustment to fit on the next round but this would make it as tall as ours for now.

TECHNIQUE:  needle-turn appliqué (no machine)
Again, you don’t have to make the entire block using the needle-turn technique – only some of it.

RULE:  Make positive/negative blocks. 

This is generally accomplished with the use of only two fabrics, one light and one dark.  After the first block is made, the second is made by reversing the placement of the two fabrics.  Here are several example links:

TEASER DATE:  on or before Monday, Feb 28 please post a teaser (but not the full block).   If you have not begun your block perhaps you could post your fabrics or a drawing of your pattern - anything.

FULL-REVEAL DATE:  On Monday Mar 7 we will do a FULL-REVEAL of any blocks that are completed at that time.

FINAL DUE DATE:  Thursday Mar 10th.  I will post Rule Release #5 on this date.

HOld on tight and have fun!



crickets said...

Oh boy, I can see my challenge right away. Altho' I don't do needle-turn applique alot, I think this will be okay, and the positive/negative block idea is very cool. It'll be fun trying to work this up with scraps. The size is throwing me...17x7? Have to think on that one!

Marie said...

OK, this should be fun. I wonder how long it will take me to figure out how to make an optical illusion out of this rule.

Ann T. said...

Did you stay awake all night figuring this one out? LOL. And let me guess whose rule this is?
Now this will take some thinking. The size will be a challenge again!!!

dq said...

Ann, I don't stay up putting the rules together. I dream up a size requirement first so as not to be biased by the rules. Next, I ask a family member to give me a number which will then corresponde to a rule number. Next I do the same with the technique. Finally, I create them in word and then copy and paste them into my post early in the morning.

I am rather excited about this positive/negative thing but have no clue how to put it into my barns without compromising the scenic effect. I LOVE A CHALLENGE!!

Ann T. said...

It is still a lot of work! (And I was just teasing. I know you do things very methodical.) Thanks for updating the links. Much faster to look at each picture.

Betty C said...

I really appreciate the information to get mine back to the correct size. That was really considerate of you. Thanks so much!
Now? Where's my thinking cap? hmmmm.

Felicity said...

Yikes! needle turn applique, not a favorite of mine. We'll just see what happens.

Lydia's Garden said...

Okay Girlie Girl! Needleturn I can do. Positive/Negative I can do. In the same block??? with my theme???? I will really have to stretch my brain muscle for this Dear Lady! Golly, gee whiz!