Thursday, February 3, 2011

Carrie's Block #3

I did it! Really didn't think I'd have time to start AND finish Rule #3 today, but I'd tho't I would at least pick out the fabrics. Well, I found a pattern first, that sparked an idea and then I dove into my scraps.

I did find some orange, my least favorite color. It was left over from my nephew's baby quilt I. Orange is my brother's fave, so when his little boy was born in December, I found an excuse to use it (and knowing it was going to Canada and so not staying here!) And yes, we do celebrate Halloween, but as soon as those orange pumpkins can be put away, they are!

As I was digging thru scraps I came across some oriental metallic fabric scraps leftover from a quilt I made for my dad moons ago! At least 15 years ago now. Really pretty but oh, not something I'd ever use for one of my own quilts.

I also have a 4" paper piecing pattern for a tilted heart. Well, it is February, so hearts seems to fit well. Off I went!

In between other things today I pieced the hearts, had to redo one, decided three was enough...while piecing I tried to plan the embroidery part. Having a fairly new Brother sewing machine, I looked at the selections and found on that was pretty cool. I finished the hearts, randomly embroidered them and then added borders.

Here is my block #3:

So the top heart is made with the oriental fabric and yup, I left the orange in there to push myself a bit more. Looks okay.

And here it is sewn to my quilt top:

I love it!!!!


dorine said...

Oh, it is beautiful! So colorful. Glad I'm not the only one who got it done in one day!!

dq said...

Carrie, I love it too -- the new part AND the whole thing. I cannot get over how much a thin little strip adds to this quilt.

Felicity said...

Its fun seeing these quilts grow. I love orange myself, so it just makes the quilt even better.

Marie said...

The orange blends right in. I love the hearts, and the way all three blocks fit all.

Ann T. said...

You are the SCRAP QUEEN!!! Your blocks are each so different and so fun! I LOVE your hearts. They really set off the rest of the blocks.

annmarie said...

Lovely hearts! Great job!

Pam in Texas said...

You did a great job. The orage looks like it belongs. I like the way yours is turning out.

Lydia's Garden said...

Scrappy anything is certainly working out for you in this mystery! Great job, love the hearts!