Thursday, February 3, 2011

Autumn Country Rule 3

Well, my OCD kicked in again and I had to get it done.
When the rule was posted I planned to use orange, as I have a few scraps left over from my Halloween quilt, but it was not the right color. When I opened my "Mystery Quilt" bin, I saw these pieces I had purchased from the 1/2 off table when I purchased my background fabric. I normally would not use the colors or the print in a quilt, but they were the autumn colors, and the price was right, so I got 1/8 yard of each of the 3 pieces. They cost me less than $2.00 for the whole bit. I thought I could make autumn leaves or something with the fabric. With the block so narrow, I decided to make 3 trees to match the pine trees with the flying geese. They were too small to make leaves, so I just made tree tops with the pieces.
The new challenges I tried, which I have not done before:
1. Machine embroidery for the trees. I started with a double needle, but quickly broke one of the needles and did not have a replacement. So I finished with a single needle. I have never had a machine with any fancy stitches before, and I gave myself a new sewing machine for my birthday.
2. I used foundation paper to keep the fabric from bunching when I embroidered. I learned this when I took a class to learn to use my machine.
3. My tree tops have a piece of batting in them to make them stand out. This is a trick our Dorinda grandmother used, to make her applique stand out. Pretty fun effect.
Here are the 3 blocks sewn together. Notice the trail continues through this block. I put it on before I embroidered the tree, then ran a few extra layer over it to hide the trail behind the tree. That technique worked better than trying to piece it in.
Sorry the seam is not pressed. Too many small helpers!
I took the pictures on my sofa, in front of the picture window, and let the natural light shine through instead of using the flash. It makes the colors and the background stand out better.
I love this background material. It has a sheen that makes it look more like satan than cotton. Of course the pictures do not show that as well as the real thing, but it is really appealing. I really love this piece.


Marie said...

I love the round trees, and the pathway is a fun idea to tie everything together. I can't believe you and Dorine have already finished your 3rd blocks. I'm the black sheep of the family again. It's going to be several days before I have mine ready to post. Does this mean that I'm not an over-achiever (as Dorine described herself) or that I don't have OCD (as you describe yourself?) Actually, my problem is being a perfectionist.

dq said...

Oh my goodness, Ann! This section just MADE the rest of your quilt so far. I knew that 5" long strip would challenge us all a little, but so far it is adding a lot to the quilts.

Your embroidery is clever and adds a lot as well as that orange fabric.

lynne said...

yep, i struggled with the narrowness of the strip as well. if it were only a 6 inch addition my block would be SO different. but, i am on my way now, and yours has inspired me. i LOVE the mix of the round trees with their GREAT trunks, with the other trees, and that path is the perfect thing for your quilt so far....LOVE it!!!

dorine said...

Welcome to the overachievers/OCD club! I could stand to be more of a perfectionist, but I'm afraid I'd drive myself crazy if I had to make the blocks perfect in my enthusiasm to get them done! I love this block. The embroidered tree trunks are gorgeous. And this block brings the other two together. I had a hard time picturing the second block working with the first, but it does now! Very clever!

annmarie said...

Your quilt is looking very country! the path connecting them really adds interest.

Ann T. said...

Dorine, I too would go crazy if I had to be the perfectionist that Marie is. I think you fall in the middle, though. I do what works, even if it is not perfect. Love you gals.

Marie said...

Now you know why I AM crazy!! LOL

Pam in Texas said...

I can't believe you have such an organized project going there. I can't wait to see your finish. It is really going to be outstanding. I definitely have to get some creativity in me.

Stefiko said...

this really cute! But the background fabric looks more like "satan" than cotton? hehe, sorry, I just had to point out that funny spelling error.

Marie said...

LOL. I noticed that satin was misspelled, but I didn't recognize what it really said until you brought it to my attention.

Ann T. said...

I do need spell check. So much for the spelling queen, huh? Thanks you gals, for keeping me on my toes. I did mean satin.

Betty C said...

I am waiting to see where that road goes!
It is very clever so far.