Monday, February 21, 2011

My Oopsie post!

I am so sorry that post was so messed up and it published before I could finish my narravtive. So, trying to explain the blocks:
My clue #2 or the great hexie snafoo LOL, the hexie is of course appliqued on and them embroidery added to create the "snowflake effect". As I said in my prior post, hexies are not my thing, but I did try :)
Clue#3 was more to my 'taste' as it were :) I love embroidery and the block is supposed to portray some of my favorite things such as the "wildwood rose" which I worked in my most unused color of yellow with brown accents. The second block is my love of the little dutch girl and embroidery all in one :) I tried to stay away from pink but it needed a little to accent the embroidery on her hoop :) and lastly, my love of tea and fireweed. I have had a facsimilie of fireweed tea, as I have heard so many stories of it being not ones' cup of tea, but it is Alaskan which is another of my favorite things :) Okay so that should cover all the bases and explanations. I will definitely try to not do this disappearing act again during this mystery! thank you all for being so patient with me :)
Carmen (foxiegrannie)


Ann T. said...

Thanks for further information. I love your favorite things, and you have put a lot of work into it.

Anonymous said...

I love the way your blocks go together. The feeling of traditional and contemporary mixed is really nice.